In 2010 when I ran for office, I promised 4 things:

JR HoellReduce NH State spending:

Lower the Tax Burden:

Create School Choice:

Support of the 2nd amendment:

If you review  the bills that I worked on and the legislation that was passed you will see that I kept my promises.

This year we need to tackle the NH "income" tax, otherwise known as the BET.  This tax that hurts all NH businesses needs to be reduced or repealed.

Below is my website from last campaign season as a new one is developed.  Stay tuned!


Rep. Hoell

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Our GREAT state is being destroyed by those currently running the NH Legislature.  We need to admit that our State is broke and we have a serious spending problem.  We cannot continue to act like drunken sailors on a spending spree. 

As a member of a household or the owner of a business, you know that you cannot spend more money than you earn. The government has to operate the same way if it wants people to be prosperous. The legislature has spent, then borrowed to pay for their spending—even bonding general operating expenses, not just special projects.

The current majority in Concord thinks the state has “a revenue problem” and want to take more of your hard-earned dollars. That philosophy is irresponsible in healthy economic times and downright destructive in economically tough times like we are in today. Clearly, the state has a spending problem. And when the state spends too much of our money, it always leads to new and higher taxes, depressed economic activity, and fewer jobs.

We need more jobs, more opportunity and not just balanced personal and business budgets, but prosperity. To achieve this, we need to cut taxes and costly regulations.

In order to cut taxes, we need to cut spending. For the past six years under Gov. Lynch, New Hampshire state government has been ballooning. Under the Democrats, taxing, regulating, spending and borrowing have skyrocketed. The result has been economic stagnation and little or no job growth.


Reduce NH State spending:

Lower the Tax Burden:

Create School Choice:

    the time is NOW!!!

I will need your assistance to win: please contact me on the contact tab.  I came in 2nd in the primary and have a chance at winning one of the 3 seats from this district.  I NEED YOUR HELP TO WIN!


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